The Grand is reminiscent of an old Victorian train station when times were slower and there was polite social interaction in the flesh…..a time long gone. The station was always open….a place to start, a place to end up, or…. in the grand name of train stations, Grand Central, a place for those going nowhere, except to meet local friends for a drink or food. There was always entertainment as the buskers were busy plying their trade under the vast dome.There were also people who lived in the station…..but we won’t talk about those.

       The Grand, and the Grand Ballroom is our answer to the present day dystopia created by the internet (subsequently producing less live social interaction ), and a fast paced world fragmented by small grab and go establishments. 

The Grand is a community gathering place serving the immense diversity of downtown Phoenix .  With it’s coffeeshop, bistro, bar, and market surrounded by spaces both open and intimate, including extensive patio areas, it is a great place to meet with friends, have an impromptu business meeting, or just hangout.  The Grand is conveniently located along the Valley Metro Light Rail in the heart of Downtown Phoenix across the street from the Arizona State University downtown campus.

       Our staff consider themselves to be adventurists; always tasting, hand selecting, and experimenting with interesting liquors, brews, bitters, coffee beans, teas, and foods.  We work with a myriad of roasters, craft breweries, small batch producers, and local culinary groups & farmers.  We do this because we are passionate about what we do, and want to share our discoveries with you.  Being believers in simplicity, quality, and “the craft”, we also practice retro-fusion; a type of epicurean time travel created by an inventive twist on a time honored classic.

        The Grand is the brainchild of Steven Rogers who has designed, built, and operated clubs and restaurants in several countries during his 40 year career.  He worked with many of the vanguards of New York City culture during the seventies and eighties before his arrival in Phoenix, Arizona.  Locally, he is responsible for a dozen establishments, most notably the Works and Amsterdam.

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